Privacy policy


We collected data from all visitors who leave comments on our site. We also store IP addresses and browser user agent strings to prevent people from spamming the comments section.

We use Gravatar service on our site and you can see their privacy policy here. We send Gravatar an anonymous hash (a string made from your email address) to check whether you are using it every time you make a comment. Once your comment is cleared for publishing, your profile picture will be visible to all site visitors.


Never upload any image files regardless of type with EXIF GPS enabled (embedded location data). Any user can download your file and extract your location from it.


Our comments cookies are completely optional. It is up to you whether you want to use them to save your website, email address, and name. We have created this option for your convenience, so you don’t have to enter your details every time you make a comment. Comment cookies will expire after one year. If you opt-in for them, you will have to renew them periodically.

A temporary cookie will be created when you visit our login page. Its sole purpose is to determine whether your web browser is set to receive cookies. The cookies will not collect any data and will be deleted as soon as you close your browser.

A login cookie will be created once you log in to your account. It will last for two days when it will be deleted. You can prolong this to two weeks if you check the “Remember Me” option. You can delete it immediately when you close your browser if you log out of your account. The second cookie is created containing your screen display choices. This cookie will last for one year.

Additional cookies will be created each time you edit or publish an article. This cookie contains only the post ID of the article in question and will be deleted after one day. It does not contain any personal data.

Embedded Content from Other Sites

Many of the articles on our site contain embedded content from other sites, like videos, images, text, etc. when you click on this content, you are effectively leaving our site and visiting the site where the content came from.

That means their privacy settings apply and they may collect your data in accordance with their policies, including tracking you via third-party software, using cookies, and monitoring your behavior and interaction with the embedded content if you already have an account on those sites and if you log in.  

How Long We Retain Your Data

All comments you leave on our site and their corresponding metadata are retained indefinitely on our servers. This helps us speed up the process, allowing us to pre-approve any follow-up comment, instead of keeping it in the moderators’ queue.

If you have a registered account on our site, we will keep the personal data you provided when creating it. At any time, you can review this data, change, or delete it. The only thing you cannot delete or change is your username. Your information can also be seen and edited by our web administrators.

What rights do you have over your data

Our users can request a file on all personal data we have collected about them, provided they have an account or have left a comment on our site in the past. The file will also contain any personal data you have provided to us. Users can also request that we delete all data we have about them, except data we are obligated to keep for our security, administrative, or legal reasons.

Where we send your data

We occasionally send comments to an automated spam detection service to prevent spamming the comments section.