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Have you wasted hours of your precious time looking for free Whole Foods gift cards with no success? Well, you have come to the right place! Here you can receive your very own gift card in a matter of minutes. If you include a lot of organic produce into your diet, you are probably a regular at Whole Foods. Unfortunately, eating healthy these days doesn’t come cheap. This is where our gift card steps into the picture. Now you can quickly get a free Whole Foods gift card online and use it to fill your fridge with all those delicious fruits and veggies. So, without further ado, let’s check out how this process works and how you can get your hands on your Whole Foods gift card.

How to get a free Whole Foods gift card?

Getting your free gift card has never been easier. Thanks to our amazing generator you can now shop at Whole Foods and save money along the way. Of course, first, you will need to complete several easy steps, but don’t worry, it’s nothing complicated. First, let’s take a look at this page. 

Whole Foods gift card generator

There are several buttons with different amounts on them. Figure out the amount which you want on your card, and then click that button. This way you will activate the generator. Now, all you have to do is to complete human verification. Unfortunately, we had to add this step because bots were abusing our system. Do not worry, the process is simple and completely free. To prove to our system that you are not a robot you will need to either complete a survey or download a free app. We have to warn you that our system can be overloaded sometimes. After all, many people are after these free gift cards. If the system is overloaded, just give it a couple of minutes and try again. Finally, when you get through, go back to the generator page and collect your free gift card. 

How to use Whole Foods gift card?

To enjoy organic veggies and fruits from Whole Foods you don’t have to leave your home. Go to their website and order everything you want. In the end, go to your shopping cart, and before you enter your credit card number enter your gift card number and receive a discount. 

How to check Whole Foods gift card balance?

If you have received your free gift card, you might be wondering how to check Whole Foods gift card balance if you don’t spend everything the first time. You can do this by simply going to the Whole Foods official site, and in the gift card section entering your card number.

What are Whole Foods?

Most people in the U. S. who prefer to buy organic foods and healthy produce know about Whole Foods. This supermarket chain is famous for selling products that do not contain any hydrogenated fats and artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. They are also known for their organic selection. Whole Foods markets can also be found in the United Kingdom.

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